Dylan Izaak

Dylan Izaak - Brighton PierWell know for his Long People and Wonky Buildings Dylan has recently been selected to be one of the twelve BT sponsored official Olympic artists!

Dylan initially found notoriety as a Street Artist before opening his own gallery on a boat. These days his works can be found in galleries across the UK.

Dylan first started to work with Synergy Graphics by getting them to photograph his originals he then printed his own prints. During the visits to the Synergy Graphics factory studio he saw the high level of quality and the additional services Synergy Graphics were carrying out for other artists and publishers. Now we print on paper, canvas and other material for Dylan and we provide embellishing for some of his works.

Says Dylan 'Nick and his guys opened my eyes to what is possible in the print world and I have passed the print baton to them which has allowed me to concentrate on my role as the artist'. 

To find out more about Dylan Izaak visit his website.